How to Avoid Aggressive Driving

How to Avoid Aggressive Driving

If you’re running late, you might be tempted to run red lights or cut off slower drivers. But aggressive driving is a dangerous habit, and on top of that it’s a quick way to use up more fuel than you need to. Check out these tips to help you avoid aggressive driving in Aggressive Driving Awareness Month and beyond.

What Is Aggressive Driving?

Any driving action that is unsafe yet done intentionally could be considered aggressive driving. This could range from flashing your brights at other drivers to weaving in and out of lanes to speeding. Aggressive driving is extremely common, and studies have shown that this behavior has a correlation with fatal accidents.

How Do I Keep from Driving Aggressively?

Drivers have a tendency to get aggressive when they’re running late or are in a bad mood. Try to leave early so you can take your time on the road, and always follow the rules and speed limit. Use your turn signal, make room for cars to merge, and create a generous following distance.

How Do I Deal with Aggressive Drivers?

If you’re ever the subject of another driver’s aggressive behavior, do your best do avoid escalation by remaining calm and avoiding eye contact. Remember that you should not take it personally — people who are driving aggressively are generally taking their bad day out on others. Remembering that it’s not personal will help you be tolerant and avoid getting tangled up in their behaviors. 

We want you to be as safe as possible on the road in Aggressive Driving Awareness Month and every month hereafter. If you’re looking for a vehicle that will help you be a safer driver, stop into Gossett Volkswagen Porsche to see the latest driver-assistance technologies on the market.

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