Feel Less Stressed by Teaching These Safe Driving Tips for Teens

Feel Less Stressed by Teaching These Safe Driving Tips for Teens

Safe driving tips for teens

When teens reach the age where they’re able to begin driving, parents are bound to worry about their teen’s safety on the road. As they say, the best offense is a good defense, so it’s a good idea to teach your teen safe driving habits while they’re learning how to drive. Here are a few that we recommend.

  • Eliminate distractions: Distractions come in various shapes and sizes: smartphones, loud music, snacks, and so on. When teaching your teen how to drive, you should talk about the dangers of driving with distractions, as distracted driving is shown to increase the risk of accidents.
  • Practice defensive driving: Defensive driving includes being aware of the positions of other vehicles on the road. While teaching your teen how to drive, you should encourage them to stay aware of other vehicles and maintain a proper distance from them. While travelling at higher speeds — like while on the highway — instruct them to increase their following distance.
  • Practice safe habits while driving with other passengers: Whenever possible, it’s beneficial for your teen to drive solo rather than with their friends and other teen passengers. Research shows that having teen passengers dramatically increases the likelihood of an accident, as drivers are more distracted, more likely to speed and not wear their seat belt, and more likely to play loud music. Talk about all these things with your teen, encouraging safe driving habits instead.

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