Volkswagen Tarok Pickup Concept Debuts in New York

Volkswagen Tarok Pickup Concept Debuts in New York

Volkswagen Tarok pickup concept

The new Volkswagen Tarok pickup concept made its U.S. debut during the New York International Auto Show in April of this year. VW has not officially announced plans to bring the truck to the US market; rather, the unveiling in the US was to gauge the public’s reception to a compact, versatile, entry-level truck. For now, however, the Tarok will be limited to the South American market, with sales already happening in Brazil.

The Tarok concept owes its versatility to the variable load area, which can be accessed through the traditional route (opening the tailgate) but also by folding down the bottom of the rear panel of the passenger cabin.

The Volkswagen Tarok pickup takes its power from a 1.4-liter four-cylinder turbocharged and direct-injection TSI® engine. This engine pumps out 147 horsepower and is linked to a six-speed automatic transmission. The Tarok also boasts permanent 4MOTION® all-wheel drive.

The Tarok is a concept — and that’s on purpose, as the market has been demanding smaller trucks in the past decade. In total, the concept is just 72 inches wide and 66 inches high (sans roof rails). The Tarok has a wheelbase of 117.7 inches.

Will a truck like the Volkswagen Tarok pickup concept make its way to Gossett VW soon? We can only hope.

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