Porsche Launches “Second Skin” Project

Porsche Launches “Second Skin” Project

Porsche launches Second Skin project

Americans spend a remarkable amount of time cruising around in their vehicles, so it makes sense that drivers want their vehicles to reflect their personalities, tastes, and lifestyles. Porsche has just made imagining your dream vehicle easier, as Porsche Digital has launched an online platform called “Second Skin” that allows you apply custom livery designs to vehicles and see what they’d look like.

When you think of flashy vehicle designs, typically you think of the stripes and two-tone exteriors often showcased in motorsports. However, the “Second Skin” project lets customers apply even more personalized designs drawn from fashion, the arts, and more. To make drivers’ dream vehicles a reality, Porsche is collaborating with “renowned artists, design studios, foil providers, and vinyl paint manufacturers.”

Both the design and ordering process is processed through the “Second Skin” online platform, centralizing everything drivers need to create their vehicles. To advertise this new service, Porsche showcased some designs made on the platform at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, including one that used cool, modern pop art.

On the online platform, customers can select their vehicle model, design it themselves, and obtain a non-binding offer. Alternatively, customers can consult with experts for design recommendations and/or a second option. Once customers finalize their design, they’re able to order it online.

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