The History of the Mid-Engine Porsche

The History of the Mid-Engine Porsche

Mid-Engine Porsche

Fifty years ago, the first mid-engine Porsche was born. At that point, Porsche had had decades of experience in building rear-engine vehicles, but its radical decision to move the engine closer to the driver has spawned a legacy and changed the Porsche brand forever.

It started with the Porsche 914, introduced in 1969. It was Porsche’s first true foray into the world of producing mid-engine sports cars. By 1976, over 115 thousand four-cylinder Porsche 914 models were produced in a partnership with Volkswagen.

But the 914 was not Porsche’s first-ever experience with the concept of a mid-engine sports car. The Auto-Union Type 22, a race car designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1934, has that designation. In 1948, Porsche’s very first sports car initially came in a mid-engine configuration but eventually shifted to the classic rear-engine set-up.

For 20 years after the 914 ended production, Porsche did not produce a single mid-engine vehicle. The 1996 release of the Porsche Boxster and the 2005 unveiling of the Cayman, however, represented Porsche’s turn back toward utilizing mid-engine configurations.

Today, Porsche offers two mid-engine vehicles to bring delight to enthusiasts: the 718 Cayman GT4 and the 718 Boxster Spyder. Mid-engine lovers will thoroughly enjoy the refinements made for 2020 in both mid-engine Porsche models.

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