Stuck at Home? Try Auto Racer’s Fitness Tips

Stuck at Home? Try Auto Racer’s Fitness Tips

Even if you’re stuck at home or don’t feel comfortable going to the gym right now, it’s still possible to prioritize your physical fitness. Just ask Mark Webber. Here at Gossett Porsche, we admire Webber as a Formula One champion and a record-breaking driver for the Porsche 919 Hybrid project. He’s had years of experience building his strength and endurance for the rigors of auto racing, and he recently shared his favorite tips for getting and staying fit at home — even in challenging times.

Start gradually

Webber recommends starting your fitness journey gradually and with shorter or lower-intensity activities. Let yourself rest and recover, too. Don’t take on too much all at once, or you’re more likely to get discouraged and quit.

Find ways to work out at home

According to Webber, even if you can’t make it to the gym, you can still find ways to work out at home. Keep it varied so you don’t get bored. Build strength with your own body weight, do pushups, jump rope, or go out for a walk or a run around your Memphis neighborhood.

Learn what motivates you

Webber says it’s important to find what motivates you and avoid what sets you back — it’ll help you stick with exercise longer. Set goals and find a virtual workout buddy to give you an extra boost even when you’re not in the mood to exert yourself.

With these tips — and a little bit of effort and creative thinking — you’ll be well on your way to experiencing better fitness, with or without the gym.

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