How Volkswagen is Helping Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

How Volkswagen is Helping Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

Volkswagen has joined in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in the US and around the world by producing and shipping personal protective equipment around the country and to nations like China and Germany to help prevent further spread of the virus.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in China early this year, Volkswagen teams in Europe and Asia have been making masks, medical clothing, and other PPE to China to assist the doctors there. Then the virus broke out in Volkswagen’s home country, Germany, and Volkswagen teams in both countries worked quickly and diligently to get supplies from China back to Germany.

Since then, Volkswagen has helped its partner, Faurecia, equip their factory in Puebla, Mexico, to produce 1 million masks and 50,000 hospital gowns a week, and continues to produce these and other personal protective equipment in its plants around the world.

Volkswagen has also teamed up with companies like Dow and Whirlpool to design and produce a powered air-purifying respirator, or PAPR, a polyethylene hood to replace N95 masks, which are being used rapidly by healthcare professionals. Volkswagen facilities in Europe have even started using their more than 50 3D printers to create face shields, face shield holders, and reusable respirators.

With the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly not going anywhere for a while, it’s a good thing that Volkswagen has joined in the effort to combat its spread. And if you’re looking for a car to get on a long road trip and forget about COVID-19 for a while, then Gossett VW is just the place to find one!

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