Porsche Taycan Software Update Adds Smart Features

Porsche Taycan Software Update Adds Smart Features

In September 2020, Porsche rolled out a major update to the all-electric Taycan. However, customers who had purchased the sports car before September were not able to take advantage of the changes. Now, thanks to a Taycan software update, they can. Here’s what it includes.

New Smartlift function

One of the features included in the software update is a new Smartlift function for owners of Taycan models equipped with adaptive air suspension. This enables owners to program the Taycan to automatically raise itself to clear road humps or garage driveways at locations they visit frequently.

Optimized launch control

Thought the Taycan Turbo S was fast before? With this new software update, it’s even faster. The update includes optimizations to chassis control that reduce slip during acceleration. Porsche says the update should improve the car’s 0-124 mph time by 0.2 seconds when using Launch Control.

Enhanced infotainment

As part of the update, the Porsche Taycan model’s navigation system is getting a significant tune-up. It can now display online information directly on the map, including precise traffic data. The update also added support for wireless Apple CarPlay® and various Apple smartphone features.

Normally, most Taycan software updates can be downloaded and installed over-the-air. However, this specific update also comes bundled with major optimizations for drivetrain components like the transmission and must therefore be installed at a certified Porsche location. Please visit Gossett Porsche in Memphis, Tennessee, to get your Taycan updated at no cost.

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