Valentine’s Day Gifts for Car Lovers

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Car Lovers

Whether you’re a gearhead or love someone who is, only the best gifts will do on Valentine’s Day. The best way to an automotive enthusiast’s heart is appealing to their interests, so here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts in case you don’t know what to buy (or ask for).

A Car-Seat Warmer

Turn up the heat by giving your special someone an accessory to keep their body warm: a car-seat warming pad that they can drape over the driver’s seat and plug into the power outlet. It can get chilly during winter here in Memphis, so make sure your lover is always warm — even when you’re not there to hold them.

A Photoshoot With the Car

Does your partner enjoy showing off and being seen in their car? Hire a photographer to stage a photoshoot with them and their ride. There are plenty of scenic places around Memphis to hold a photoshoot, whether you want the Mississippi River as a backdrop, a grungy urban venue, or the outdoorsy retreat of Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park.

A Thorough Tune-up and Detailing

Make the car sparkle and run smoothly with an exhaustive health check and cleaning. This gift is easy to give because it doesn’t take a lot of effort — if you let someone else do the work for you! Schedule an appointment with the Gossett Volkswagen service center, and we’ll show any car the TLC it needs.

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