Volkswagen to Resurrect the Scout as an All-Terrain Electric Truck & SUV

Volkswagen to Resurrect the Scout as an All-Terrain Electric Truck & SUV

The International Harvester Scout was a beloved utility vehicle that still has an ardent fanbase even decades after its production ceased. The open-top, all-terrain SUV was built here in the U.S. in Indiana and was a groundbreaking model for its time.

Now it’s time for the Scout to return and shake things up once gain. This time, it’s Volkswagen that will be producing the Scout for 21st century drivers as an electric vehicle.

A few years ago, Volkswagen purchased the Navistar International Corporation and acquired the Scout nameplate. The automaker recently revealed its plans for the iconic moniker: use it on the company’s all-new family of utility EVs. The Scout lineup will consist of an electric pickup truck and an electric SUV — both of which will uphold the original Scout legacy by being primarily intended for off-road excursions.

What does that mean for drivers near Memphis? If you live on the outskirts of the metro area or like to visit rural parts of Tennessee or Arkansas, you’ll want to keep your eye out for the return of the Scout. It will provide a cost-effective way for you to explore the outdoors, travel on dirt roads, and traverse terrain where other SUVs can’t go.

Release of the electric Scout truck and SUV is still years away, but you can find other city-oriented SUVs for sale in Memphis at Gossett Volkswagen Porsche, such as the VW Atlas and VW Tiguan.

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