How to Save Gas in Your Volkswagen Vehicle

How to Save Gas in Your Volkswagen Vehicle

Gas prices skyrocketed this past summer, and it’s likely that you’ll see high gas prices in Memphis again soon. Want to stretch your dollar further by getting the best fuel economy from your Volkswagen? Here are some easy ways to save gas in your car.

Take it easy

It’s tempting to hit the gas on your car and launch it down the road, especially behind the wheel of a VW Jetta GLI or Golf R. But, that burns through gas quickly. Go gentle on the acceleration and braking to conserve fuel.

Avoid traffic

Traffic can be crazy in Memphis — especially during rush hour. Being stuck in stop-and-go traffic has all the worst aspects for your fuel economy: repeated acceleration, frequent idling, and constant gear shifting. Save gas by avoiding crowded areas and driving during less-busy times of the day.

Optimize your car

You can improve your Volkswagen car’s efficiency by giving it a much-needed cleanup. That includes filling up the tires to their correct PSI, ditching heavy cargo you don’t need, and improving mechanical performance with an oil change and fuel cleaner.

Gas will continue to get more expensive in the coming years, so here’s the best way to save money on gas: buy a gas-free car! Electric Volkswagen ID. models are coming to Gossett Volkswagen Porsche, where you can drive a VW ID.4 or other electric-only car. Learn more by contacting our dealership.

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